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Captain David Accursio is a South Florida local, born and raised in Homestead, Florida, and has fished the rich waters that surround the Florida peninsula his entire life. Species ranging from freshwater canal bass to trophy size sailfish and tarpon have been his passion since he was old enough to hold his first fishing pole, and continue to now drive him towards even higher goals and accomplishments on the water. He is extremely passionate about fishing and sharing it with/teaching it to others. It is his highest priority for your trip to be as successful and fun-filled as possible, and he will do everything in his power to ensure your experience is memorable, safe, and slime-filled to the brim with fish.


I've fished my entire life in the South Florida area; I was raised fishing the freshwater canals from the time I could hold my own fishing rod. Shortly after learning the basics of land-based fishing, I was offshore, catching my first bluewater species by age 4. I fished pretty much every weekend offshore until I was about 12, at which time I had taken a keen interest in backcountry and flats fishing. I read and I read, and I read... I couldn't get enough of fishing magazines, articles, pictures, and various publishings. It never realistically occurred to me that I could fish for a living - although the fleeting thought was a nice dream. Now, fishing the pristine flats of the Everglades National Park, Florida Keys, and Florida Bay for a living; I can honestly say that I am a very blessed individual, and that I'm truly living a dream.


It would be my honor and pleasure to have you aboard,



                      - Capt. David Accursio


Capt. David Accursio with a healthy Everglades Snook

The Captain

Captain Accursio with a large Everglades Tarpon
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